One of the core points of our services is the writing of bachelor theses. Our services range from the topic and literature research to the editing and the formatting of the finished work. We have a very large pool of experienced and scientifically qualified ghostwriters and writers who can write a work on almost any topic or help you with words and deeds.

Many clients, however, do not want finished work, but approach us with specific questions and problems that may arise in the course of a scientific work. These include, for example, problems in selecting a topic or narrowing down the topic, evaluating sources or quantifying material or writing individual sections. Actually, questions of this kind should be clarified by the responsible supervisor of the work, but many lecturers lack the time or opportunity to supervise each student extensively. The university reforms of recent years have led to the fact that the care ratio has worsened even in the so-called “mass subjects” once again. These care responsibilities are increasingly shifting to professional providers such as our agency. In recent years, however, many new Ghostwriting companies have emerged, which lure with dumping prices and work only against prepayment. These are rightly warned against, because quality has its price especially in the field of academic writing. These agencies usually work together with poorly qualified authors or resort to plagiarism in their work or deliver no result, but bounce the customers for their money.

We work exclusively with ghostwriters who have at least a scientific degree and have several years of scientific writing experience. Our ghostwriters are or were themselves active in the field of science and are therefore well-versed in dealing with scientific texts. We offer installment payments, each of which is tied to partial deliveries. This not only allows you to understand the actual work progress, but also to correctively intervene at any time or incorporate your wishes and ideas.

The advantages of writing a ghostwriter or helping a bachelor thesis are obvious. Our authors are experienced, scientifically qualified and operate the writing of scientific qualification work as a main profession. This allows our ghostwriters to deal intensively with the necessary theories and materials and therefore guarantee a result that meets all scientific requirements. A professional ghostwriter / author can write a scientific paper in a very short time or fundamentally revise an inconsistent text.

Our ghostwriter not only saves you time, but can also be engaged when personal crisis situations prevent you from meeting deadlines for work. Unfortunately, the universities take only limited account of occupational, private or health-related exceptional situations, and it is precisely here that the employment of a professional can help to deliver the work on time and scientifically flawlessly.

In addition, our ghostwriters are always ready to give you specific assistance. We expressly rely on a close and personal cooperation between customers and authors, whereby of course both sides can remain anonymous. Our authors will gladly advise you on all conceivable questions concerning the topic of a bachelor thesis and are personally available for you by telephone or email. You will be referred by us to a ghostwriter who knows your topic very well and who will be your contact during the entire work process. How you work with the author is up to you. Whether you attach great importance to close and personal cooperation or put the work in the hands of our ghostwriters, you will in any case receive a scientifically flawless work. We rely on the four-eye principle in every text, i. Before a text is delivered to the customer, it will be proofread in-house by one of our employees. Thereafter, the text goes through an automatic plagiarism software, which ensures that no strange ideas were adopted without labeling. Only when these test steps have been completed will the text be delivered to you. You still have the opportunity to make changes, or to vote them directly with the author.

Have a bachelor thesis written

The range of services of our agency includes all work steps necessary for writing a bachelor thesis. This includes:

  • Subject research and delimitation
  • Formulation of a scientifically valid question
  • Writing a concept / Exposés
  • Create an outline
  • Literature and source research
  • Copywriting
  • Takeover of empirical surveys
  • Evaluation, analysis and presentation of empirical material
  • Proofreading (editing / proofreading)
  • Plagiarism check
  • Formatting and layout

On request, we take over all the work steps for you and create a complete work for you, which can serve as a sample. Of course, our authors and ghostwriters can only be called in for individual work steps, or they can only provide advice. How the collaboration with your author is done is up to you. We connect with a ghostwriter who is familiar with the topic and who personally coordinates the work with you. Collaboration can take place in person (by phone) or via an email exchange, whereby both sides can of course remain anonymous. Our authors will always advise you individually and in detail, with us there is no mass processing and no standard answers, but an individual and personal support.

A ghostwriter not only can create a complete sample work, but also assist you in selecting and narrowing down the topic. For many students, the bachelor thesis represents a major hurdle, as it requires students to work scientifically on a topic of their own choosing. For this it is not only necessary to find a topic that can be dealt with in a relatively short time (two to four months), but this must be presented with a self-developed research question based on scientific criteria. As the universities often pay little attention to teaching the basics of scientific work, many of our clients are already overwhelmed with basic things. This includes the correct presentation of foreign ideas (direct and indirect citations) as well as the stringency in the argumentation as well as the development of own theses. Especially the adherence to the formal requirements, ie the citation method, the reproduction of the literature used and the linguistic appropriateness are sometimes rated very strictly by the universities. Many universities now rely on the use of plagiarism software to verify that students have met the standards of scientific work.

Of course we do not provide any plagiarism, but create texts and text parts individually and according to your ideas. Our scientifically trained authors work professionally and are familiar with the requirements of scientific work. In addition, we check each text before delivery to the customer through a special software and also let the text “read aloud” from a colleague. This not only avoids formal mistakes, but also corrects problems in the argumentation or linguistic inconsistencies.

For cooperation with us, the more input you give to the author, the better this can adapt to your wishes and ideas. You should therefore contact us as soon as possible and get an individual, free and non-binding quote. Since every job is different and we are very specific to your ideas, every offer is individually calculated and adjusted to the scope, the requirements and the time frame of your work.